Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Panasonic Electric Shaver

Panasonic Electric Shaver

To meet the requirement of men Panasonic introduces best and more durable electric shaver. There are various other brand manufactures the electric shaver. But Panasonic having no competitor in terms of specification and durability. As per my personal experience Panasonic ES-SA40 is one of the best electric shaver for men. It offers many advantages as compare to other. Let's explore the merits of ES-SA40.

  • This is 100% water proof. That helps you to enjoy ultimate shaving experience. You can clean it using tab water.
  • You can use wet or dry saving depending on your convenience. You can use it with foam or gel for perfect shaving experience.
  • Floating head gives better and clean shave. Easy to use and perfect in result.
  • Also have trimmer associated with it for grooming your mustache or sideburns. 
  • Rechargeable, you can fully charge the shaver in just 8 hours. A fully charged shaver can be used efficiently for 21 hours.
  • Light weight design makes it more comfortable in use.
Panasonic ES-SA40 electric shaver
Electric shaver now become the most important grooming products for men and to experience perfect use grab Panasonic or any trusted brand. Before buying you need to explore in detail the technical specification of electric shaver. This gives you better understanding also make right decision. You can also explore various online portals to read the reviews of users.

Most of the men perfect to have beard and to enjoy perfect look and style they are using trimmer or scissor. Those who are looking for perfect way to use trimmer can explore our blog post on best beard trimmer guide

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Beard Trimmer Guide

Beard Trimmer Guide

Beard trimming can be consider to be very crucial activity for men. Most of them use scissors or trimmer to style their beard. There are numerous trimmer available. Before buying the trimmer you must consider its features and brand. The trusted brand offers best range of beard trimmer for men with great features and functionality.

Beard Trimmer Guide

Trimming Beard

1. Some suggest to use perfect trimmer.
2. If you want to trim beard on your own. In such case you need a perfect trimmer that can be easy to use.
3. You can also opt a pair of professional barber scissors.
4. Never trim wet beard. It can spoil your machine and also leave you with worst trimming experience.
5. Most of the trimmer offer adjustment option. So, as per your requirement you can adjust it height and enjoy the perfect beard trimmer like never before.
6. Just using trimmer is not enough you also need to clean it regularly. Use either shampoo or moisturizing lotion to make it soft and clean. 
7. You can use comb as a helping tool to enjoy the perfect trim.

Apart from normal trimming guide you can also explore the perfect way of trimming beard. This gives you complete idea and instruction of using the different types of trimmers.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Perfect Way of Beard Trimming

Perfect Way of Beard Trimming

Beard are in fashion and most of the men use to have this.Some prefect to have long beard where as some preferring small. It depending on one style and choice. Today we going to discuss the best beard trimming techniques. This gives you the best idea and techniques.

Before start using trimmer you need to learn the basic tips of cleaning beard. Its is very important to keep your beard neat and clean. This helps you to feel fresh and stay away from skin infection. If you have the long beard use shampoo to wash it. Use only moisturize based shampoo. This solve all dryness.

trimmer for men

Techniques of using trimmer

You can buy any trimmer from the market but make sure that it don't hurt your skin. The trusted brand like Panasonic offers ultimate range of beard trimmer for men that helps you to adjust its level as per your requirement. In addition to this it offers numerous other advantages that makes it more easy to use. Now let's discuss the effective way of trimming:

Before start using trimmer read the manual. This gives a complete idea about the machine and its instruction. 

beard trimming instruction

  • Set the clipper at perfect level that you want.
  • Trim in the opposite direction of the beard.
  • You can use comb to set the beard while trimming.
  • Start from the upper side and then move toward neck. At the end set your mustache and chin.
  • While using it always keep your mouth close.
  • At the end watch your face with normal water and dry your beard.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Nail Care Tips

Ultimate Nail Care

Every lady wants to have beautiful nail that attract everyone. To have beautiful nails they are using nail polish, nail arts and nail care products. There are wide range of nail enhancement products available in the market. Panasonic introduces the best nail care products that can offer ultimate care to your nail at home only. You don't need to go to parlor and beauty salon. Anybody can use it. Its a one time investment that can save hundreds of rupees.

ultimate nail care

What special Panasonic Nail Care offers?

It contains four attachment that gives professional level care to your nails. Let's explore the attachment in detail.
  • Shaping file
  • Cuticle Care attachment
  • Buffer File
  • Polisher File


1. Scraping the gel
2. Grooming the cuticles
3. Buff the nail surface
4. Polish to a shine

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Face Steamer Tips & Techniques

Face Steamer Tips and Techniques

There are hundreds of face steamer available in the market and most of us think that this is one of the best steamer for ultimate care of face. Most of us use to set the facial steamer at 40 degree Celsius. Now we going to discuss the best tips of using facial steamer.

1. Before using it check the water temperature. Make sure that water temperature should not be more 45 degree Celsius. If the temperature is high than it can damage your skin with dark spot and burn spots.
2. Don't get too close to the hot steam. Maintain some distance of 12 to 18 inches.
3. Before use it, read the manual carefully. This helps you to understand the machine in perfect way and also helps you to enjoy ultimate glowing skin.
4. Wash you face with normal water then start using facial steamer.
5. You can use it for 5-10 minutes on weekly basis. This can enhance the your beauty.
6. Use Moisturizer after using face steamer. This keep face hydrated and glowing.

The main advantages of facial steamer are:-

1. It removes all impurity from the face.
2. Open the pores and remove all dust and make it clean and hydrated.
3. This can helps to fade-up dark spots and overcome wrinkles.

Skin Cleaning & Caring Tips

Skin Cleaning and Caring Tips

To enjoy the most beautiful clean skin you need to follow some basic tips. Today we going to discuss the best tips of cleansing and caring tips. Apply these tips can make your face youthful and glowing,
skin cleaning & caring tips

 Let's explore the Skin cleaning & care Tips


You need to find the best cleanser that suite your skin types. If you already have the cleanser than its perfect, but if you don't have the right cleanser you can buy the from the market. There are lots of option available in the market. If you are looking for for some organic cleaner you can use milk cream or yogurt. This work well to give deep cleansing.

Before cleaning your face you need to remove all your makeup. You can use warm water to clean the face and remove all sort of makeup. Then apply a cleanser on face in circular motion.


Exfoliate is the step that helps to keep your skin more younger and beautiful. You can use scrub and massage your face in circular motion. Either you can use your hand or you can use face massager. This helps to kill all dead cells and make your face glowing and fresh.

You can explore drug store to find the best scrub or you can use sugar and salt mixture to make organic scrub.


Moisturizer seems to be the most essential for your skin. But make sure that you don't over moisturize your skin.
Buy the best moisturizer from the market. 

These tips seems to be perfect for everyone. In addition to these tips you can use best skin care products to enhance your beauty.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Beauty Care Tips for Everyone

Beauty Care Tips for Everyone

To enjoy perfect glowing skin we need to follow certain tips. Let's explore the perfect beauty tips that can work for every types of skin. These tips can be useful for every men and women.

1. Follow Proper Skin Care Routine: 

  • Use cleanser twice a day. This helps to clean the skin perfectly. There are various cleanser available in the market. Buy the best of reputed brand. 
  • Before going in bed at nigh use moisturizer. This helps to hydrate your skin and feel fresh. Massage your face using moisturizer either with had of with face massager.

2. Maintain Healthy Eating Routine : 

  • Take healthy diet. Eat green vegetables, salad and fruits. This helps to provide necessary vitamins and minerals to your body and make your skin healthy.
  • Avoid eating junk and street food. Also avoid eating spicy food.
  • Drink 3-4 liters a day. This helps to maintain required amount of water in your body.

3. Proper Sleep

  • Take proper sleep of 7-8 hours. This helps you to rejuvenate your skin and also overcome normal stress. 
  • Wake up in morning and do some exercise like running and yoga. This make your body healthy and tight.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Beauty Tips for Men

Beauty Tips for Men

Like women men also more concern about his looks. To enjoy health and glowing skin we are going to share the best tips.

1.Choose Either Beard or Clean Shave

Most of us men use to do shaving regularly and to have clean shave they are using razor or electric shaver. depending on the comfort you can choose the right shaving equipment. While doing shaving wash the beard with normal hot water to softer your beard then apply shaving cream or shaving form. You can use either razor or shaver. But when you are using razor make sure that its blade should be sharp enough to give clean shave. After every shave use perfect after shave that give instant relief from burn. Apply moisturizing cream on the face to make it softer.

Those who wants to have beard can use beard trimmer. There are wide range of beard trimmer for men available in the market. Before choosing the right one always explore its specification and brand name. The trusted brand like Panasonic offers most reliable and durable trimmers with better specification that helps you to style your beard in different size. Let's explore the basic tips for beard:-
a) Clean it with shampoo.
b) While trimming adjust the level of trimmer and then use it according.
c) To make it softer and shinny you can use moisturizer.
Trimmer & Shaver

2. Healing Dead Skin

Those who are suffering from dry skin can use moisturizer on daily basis. Before going to bead massage your face using moisturizer this helps to remove dryness as well as improve blood circulation and keep all your cell active.
You can either use face massager or finger for massage purpose.

face massager

3. Complete Care of Hair

Most of men encounter hair fall. To enjoy healthy and shinny hair we need to do oil massage. On weekly basis massage your head with oil for 10-15 minutes. Also require to take proper balance diet that helps to improve hair growth.

head massage

4. Perfect Body

To maintain perfect body always involves in some exercise or sports. This helps you to enjoy perfect body with good stamina.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Panasonic Beauty Products

Panasonic Beauty Products - The NANOE Powered

To meet out the requirement of complete beauty and perfect makeup Panasonic introduces best range of advance nano powered beauty products. The advantages of nano based beauty products are:-

beauty products
Nanoe Beauty Products

1. It contain 100 times more water that helps to keeping our scalp and skin moisture for longer time and also keep your skin and hair more fresh.

2. The nanoe powered hair dryer keep your hair silky. It removes all dryness from your hair. Regular use of Panasonic hair dryer can keep your hair moisturize.

3. Facial Steamer work like a perfect cleanser for your face, It helps to remove all dryness and dark spot from face. This works completely in unique way.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Best Hair Straightener in India

Best Hair Straightener in India

Hair style always remain important for everyone especially lady. To look attractive and beautiful they are using numerous hair styling products like hair straightener, hair style and hair curler. There are variety of straightener or curler available in the market but which is the best is a big question? We going to share the best brand that offers best hair straightener and hair curler. 

Lets' explore the best brand straighteners:-

1.Panasonic EH-HS70 will give you the perfect straight and silky hair. Its great specification and advance features can heats up in just 60 seconds. This compare to be perfect for normal, color and curly hair. 5 Temperature setting can helps you to set the temperature as per your hair need. Ceramic coated plates gives smoothness and healthiness to your hair. Slim plate with 24 mm helps you to enjoy ultimate use. As compare to normal straightener it offers 50% better straight hair. Due to this it become the choice of professional hair designer.

2.Panasonic EH-HW18 can be use as a straightener as well as curler. You can use it to enjoy ultimate straight or curly hair with shiny and smooth result. It can work very well on rough or curly hair. As per the type of your hair you can set its temperature and enjoy most beautiful hair.

3.Panasonic EH-HW17 is a new style hair straightener with compact design that easy to carry any where.
a) Quick heat up at 200 degree Celsius
b) Compact size
c) Ceramic Costing
d) Comes with easy storage cap
e) Can be use as straightener and curler.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Guide on Hair Straightening

Perfect Guide on Hair Straightening

During last few years there are numerous hair style emerge but the straight hair always remain in fashion from last many decades. There are various reasons for straight hair popularity. The most important benefits is that it easy to manage. Wide range of option available in the market that helps you to enjoy straight and shinny hair.

Now we going to discuss the best hair straightening techniques using hair straightener. There are wide rang of hair straightener available in the market, always choose the best branded hair straightener. The branded one offers better care to your hair.

permanent hair straightening

As per different types of hair we suggest the perfect temperature setting.

1. In following situation you should set the straightener to 160 degree Celsius to 170 degree Celsius. This helps to give better and smooth result to your hair.
   a) If you have fine hair?
   b) Do you bleach or color your hair regularly?

2. For those who have healthy and strong hair can set the hair straightener to 190 degree Celsius. The strong hair need some more heating temperature to get the require result.

3. For those who have thick and highly curly hair, can set the hair straightener to 220 degree Celsius. The more high the temperature the better will be the result.

Panasonic offering best hair straightener with following features:-
1. Photo ceramic costing
2. Easy temperature selection

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Shaving Machine Buyers Guide

Men Shaving Machine Buyer's Guide

The most popular option for shaving are razor and electric shaver. It depends on one comfort to choose the razor or electric shaver. As compare to shaver, razor cost less but in terms of life electric shaver can last for few years if you take proper care. Razor available in very low cost ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs.500 where as electric shaver cost range from Rs.2,000 to Rs.10,000.

Now we going to discuss the different types of electric shaver for men.

1. Foil Shavers :- Foil shaver having thin layer of metal that covers the blades and offer comfortable shaving to sensitive skin. It capture the hair from skin surface and cutting it close to the skin. As compare to other electric shaver it offer clean shaver. It works perfect for everyone who wants to shave on daily basis.

foil shaver

2. Rotary Shavers : - Rotary shavers works in a revolving or spinning way. It works in a circular motion to cut the hair effectively. As compare to foil it easy to use and can be efficiently operate on different area of the face.

Rotary shavers

It really difficult to choose the best. Now we will going to help you in choosing the right shaver that can completely meet out your shaving requirements:-

Choose Rotary Shaver in following situation:-

1. If you shave infrequently then this is the perfect option.
2. If you have thick or coarse hair, it works well to give proper clean touch.
3. If your beard hair grow in different directions.
4. This require less maintenance work. You don't need to clean it regularly.
5. Highly Durable and can work for many years if you have a trusted brand shaver.

Choose Foil Shaver in following situation: -

1. If you are looking for such shaver that you can use on daily basis than it a perfect option.
2. If you don't have hard and coarse hair than it work perfect. It works perfect on thin and straight hair.
3. It require more maintenance like you need to clean it after every single use.
4. If you have sensitive skin than it work good.
5. If you are looking for more close shave then this is the right shaver for you.

Hope this guide helps you in making the right decision in buying the shaving machine for men. So, don't wait just grab the right one.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hair Straightener Review

Panasonic Hair Straightener Review - Must Read

permanent hair straightening

There are numerous hair straightener available in the market and picking the best hair straightener that give perfect care to your hair while straightening is really a tough work. Most of the time people get confused among so many choice. In a situation like this you can find the best hair straightener with Panasonic. Panasonic manufacture best hair styling products.

Panasonic permanent hair straightening works ultimate on every types of hair.
The three best hair straightener model by Panasonic

Panasonic EH-HS70

1.5 Temperature setting
2.Ceramic coated plates for better hair care
3. World first Ion Straightener with platinum negative ions
4. Slim plate, 24mm

Panasonic EH-HW18

1. Individual temperature selection
2.Photo ceramic coating
3.Can be use for straightening and curling

Panasonic EH-HW17

1.Quick heat up at 200 degree Celsius
2. Compact size
3. Ceramic costing
4. Comes with easy storage cap
5. Can be use as a straightener and curler